New Site!

I’ve decided to turn what used to be a prety boring static portfolio site for my web design business into a my professional blog site. After all, if you publish a website that’s accessible from almost anywhere on the planet you might as well use it to say something interesting.

Why? Well, it beats working!

So if you’re like me, and passionate about web development, wireless broadband or technology in general, come to the site and subscribe to the blog. If not then I’ve just alienated you as a reader which, in the bloggosphere, isn’t that big a deal 😛

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3 Comments on “New Site!”

  1. Frankie franka Says:

    Hello Peter I thought I’d catch up with you all again eventually!
    Love the site! now a very difficult problem for you. How do I make contact with Mum I better not send stuff to [edit:address] a I thingk thats her rival these days!!!
    Let me know how you all are and Katy’s e’mail would be good too. I have loads of news for you all.
    p.s Im’ using my works e’mail

  2. peteboucher Says:

    No problem at all, but the e-mail you sent address didn’t work 😦
    Send me an e-mail or call, my contact details are on the site.
    Thanks so much for getting in touch and Merry Christmas!

  3. Pange Says:

    Hiya Poppy, thanks for the great birthday card, clever Pete, eh? Getting the family together?
    I sent a reply to the card just the other day, with pics, you should get it soon depending on the seasonally challenged Post Office! he he.
    Would love to catch up with you…. I think I have a phone number for you, I’ll try tonight with the Skype line and we can trade e-mail addresses.


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