My Fon router has arrived!

I’m happy today. There’s a nice, boxy UPS parcel sitting on my Wife’s desk with my name on it. It contains a Linksys WRT54GS Wireless Router. No not your typical wireless router, I already have an Apple AirPort Extreme and I’m very happy with it; I’m blogging this right now via its built-in V90 modem. This particular wireless router was bought, direct from Linksys, for 50€, by a fledgling company called Fon. The small but hardworking team at FON’s corporate office in Madrid then wiped it’s firmware (it’s brain) and installed their own firmware which has some very cool features: Fon’s firmware will allow me to share my internet connection with anyone in range of the router’s WiFi signal, granted I could do this with my AirPort by deactivating WPA encription and making it an open access point. But the Fon router also allows me to limit the speed of shared connections so that I always have a reasonable connection to the Intenet even when the users sharing my connection are downloading big files. Also the Fon router allows me to see logs of who has connected, and lets me block users who I consider have abused my offer of shared Internet access.
But the greatest feature of all of the FON service: I can go on-line using anyone elses FON router for free! Gratis! There are about 5 members of FON (Foneros) within a 30 minute drive of my home, and I’m sure they’ll all be recieving their brand new FON routers shortly. If they haven’t already bought Linksys routers and flashed them with the FON firmware themselves.
Oh yes, and this faboulous router and Fon’s connectivity costs me only 25€, half the wholesale price of the router itself!
I have to go into Gibraltar for a job this afternoon but I will blog on the Fon router setup as soon as it’s up and running.

For more info and news from Fon read their company blog.

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