Fon router running

Ok, the installation went smoothly apart from the 5 min window the firmware gives you to register. I was setting it up on the back of my Apple AirPort Extreme working as a LAN modem. I did it this way for various reasons (not least of which is the proxy server on my satellite broadband connection). After the 3rd attempt at powering up the router, getting an IP address on my iBook and then contacting the Fon registration server within the 5 minute time limit I completed the registration successfully.

I have now moved the router to my ‘in-laws, who have a standard, always on ADSL connection which is much better suited to a Fon hotspot. Of course I entered the new location details into my account in the Fon database. Unfortunately the location appears at in the middle of the countryside about 5Km from my parents-in-laws house! It seems to be sitting right on top of another Fon hotspot which, according to it’s address is supposed to be situated about 4Km south in a nearby town. I can only assume that Fon’s systems are having a little trouble resolving our addresses and resorting to placing markers in the middle of the postcode area.

To help Foneros out with finding hotspots I’ve started a Frappr map where we can position our markers more precisely. It’s also become popular with Foneros outside Spain and the US who are not yet catered for on So far we number 99 members 🙂

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